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Garmin brings commercial sonar to the recreational market

Garmin has released advance details of its new Panoptix™ All-Seeing Sonar, which gives boaters the ability to see all around their boat in real-time – forwards, backwards, sideways and down – even while stationary.

Based on technology previously available only in the offshore commercial market, Garmin Panoptix is centred around a multi-beam transducer that utilises phased-array scanning sonar – creating multiple, simultaneous steerable beams in a single ping – to deliver incredible fishing-finding power in freshwater, estuary, inshore and offshore applications.
Garmin Australasia general manager Matt DeMoss said Panoptix would revolutionise the way recreational anglers used sonar.
“Never before have anglers had the ability to see all around their boat in real time,” DeMoss said.
“Available as a forward or down transducer, Garmin Panoptix is sonar like you’ve never seen it.”
Panoptix Forward: utilising the PS31 transducer, anglers can see the bottom, structure, and fish swimming around in front of the boat using LiveVü™ Forward or RealVü™ 3D Forward modes.
LiveVü Forward provides a more live-video look that shows fish swimming and moving toward or away from the boat. Updates are provided via a single ping, providing real-time moving images. Users can even cast a lure out and watch it as it’s worked back towards the boat.
RealVü 3D Forward scans the water in front of the boat, creating a forward-looking 3D view of the bottom, structure and fish. Users can control how quickly the forward area is scanned to provide greater or less detail, making it very easy to identify exactly where the fish are.
Panoptix Down: the PS30 transducer provides a look at what’s swimming below the boat in any direction, using three remarkable views – LiveVü Down, RealVü 3D Down or RealVü 3D Historical.
LiveVü Down provides real-time moving sonar images to reveal small baitfish and large target fish swimming around, as well as pinpoint their distance left or right and their depth.
RealVü 3D Down scans the area below the boat from bow to stern and port to starboard. A full 3D view of the area under the boat is constructed, showing bottom contour changes, fish and structure.
RealVü 3D Historical delivers a wealth of sonar data. It scrolls through the data as the boat moves to show the history of entire water columns – from the bottom to the surface and all of the fish in between. Bottom contours and fish pop in vivid colour in 3D.
Compatible with Garmin’s GPSMAP 8000 series, GPSMAP 7400 series, GPSMAP 751, 820 and 1020 series and select echoMAP models, the PS31 Panoptix Forward Transducer and PS30 Panoptix Down Transducer are each equipped with an internal Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) sensor that constantly adjusts sonar beams to compensate for boat motion. Trolling motor transducer mounting kits are also available.
Garmin Panoptix will be available in Q2 of 2015 with a RRP of $2599.

Further information, visit: www.garmin.com/panoptix

Furuno Releases Wireless Radar to work with Apple Ipad and Iphone.

Furuno have developed a Wireless Radar that connects with an Apple Ipad or Iphone. A 4kW 19 inch Radome can be mounted on a mast, radar arch or stern mounted pole, connected to power and then used wirelessly with your Apple IOS device. All for only $1995 inc GST




Garmin® releases new xHD compact Radomes


Garmin® releases new Software for Android Users and new features for 8000 series and Echomap Series


Garmin International Inc, the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced an exciting new software update available for both the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm Series and newest series of chartplotters and combination units that includes expanded GCV™ 10 compatibility, further networked sonar capabilities, Garmin Helm™ for Android™ devices and more.

“By offering this free software update for our newest line of chartplotters, we’re putting even more capabilities and potential at the boater’s fingertips,” said David Dunn, senior manager of marine sales.  “Bringing DownVü and SideVü to our Glass Helm series, new internal sonar-sharing options for the inland fisherman and improved gauges and features for the sailor, everyone will benefit from the latest advances that we have to offer.”

This update provides the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm Series the ability to utilize the Garmin GCV 10 sonar black box.  Coastal anglers will now have the opportunity to benefit from DownVü and SideVü, the clearest scanning sonar of fish returns and structure available on the market today.  Additionally, the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm Series will now allow multiple sonar black boxes to exist on the same system.  This capability provides easily networked sonar and the ability to switch between GSD™ 26 CHIRP sonar and GCV 10 scanning sonar.  

Internal sonar sharing is another valuable feature that is available.  With this capability, chartplotters can share sonar internally to any other devices within the same network.  Non‑sonar devices can also display compatible sonar shared across the network1.  Compatible units include the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series, new GPSMAP xs and non-xs series and the echoMAP 70.

Garmin Helm, the mobile app that allows boaters to view and control their multi-function chartplotters from the convenience of their mobile device, is now available for Android devices.  From the expanded support for Garmin Helm, Android users can now benefit from the same user-friendliness and simplicity that they have come to expect from Garmin marine devices and applications as a result of this software update.

Other feature enhancements include Meteor™ 300 support for the GPSMAP 800xs and 1000xs series chartplotters, improved sailing gauges that provide a wind gauge, heading gauge and user specified data bars for the entire echoMAP series and new GPSMAP series and improved sonar source selection and custom sonar overlays.

The software update is available now for free from the Garmin website.  To download, visithttp://bit.ly/1hA989L.

Garmin Helm is a free application available from Google Play™ (requires Android 4.3+).  In order for the Android device to establish a connection with any GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm  series devices, the Garmin Marine Wi-Fi® Adapter (sold separately available from the Nav Station for $275.00 inc GST) is needed.

Chartplotters can only display sonar types that they are compatible with. To see if your unit is compatible please contact the Nav Station 09 3099942 or sales@navstation.co.nz


Garmin® Enters the Action Camera Market with Compact, Waterproof, Easy-to-use HD Cameras, VIRB™ and VIRB Elite™

VIRBGarmin, the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced VIRB, its first true HD 1080p action camera series. From action sports to family holidays, VIRB combines a unique feature set that makes it easier than ever to capture life’s memories. VIRB features a rugged and waterproof (IPX-7) housing, so there is no extra case necessary to withstand the elements. The unique 1.4-inch Chroma colour display makes setup and playback a breeze and uses minimal power so VIRB can record up to three hours of true HD (1080p) video on one charge. On-board video enhancement features such as digital image stabilisation and lens distortion correction ensure that footage recorded with VIRB will look great, even before editing. VIRB can capture high quality still photos while the video camera is recording. VIRB Elite incorporates all these features, plus has built-in WiFi, data sensors and a high-sensitivity GPS. Both VIRB and VIRB Elite feature ANT+™ connectivity for remote control functionality with other Garmin products, and for data transfer with other fitness sensors. 


“Action cameras are growing rapidly in popularity, and VIRB has some game-changing key features—like a colour display, extended battery life, optional GPS and compatibility with existing Garmin products—that set it apart from other cameras on the market,” said Ian Edwards, National Sales Manager, Garmin Australasia. “Our customers already embrace an active lifestyle, whether they’re hikers, mountain bikers, skiers, trail runners, boaters, or pilots, so a Garmin action camera is
a compelling option to them. With GPS and enhanced wireless capabilities in  VIRB Elite, users can capture not only what they were doing, but also where they were and how they did it—and then share it with their friends and family.”

VIRB has a sleek, aerodynamic design that makes it fun and simple to record HD video- just move the slider forward to record. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can record up to three hours of HD (1080p) video with one charge, and can be easily changed on the go. The WideVü lens captures all the action, and the high-resolution Chroma display makes it easy to change menu settings, set-up and playback shots, but has reflective technology so it doesn’t drain the battery. The  1.4-inch screen uses ambient light (instead of a battery-draining backlight) to illuminate the screen and make it easy to see in bright sunlight.

VIRB is durable enough to capture even the most extreme activities right out of the box. With the rugged external housing, VIRB has an IPX-7 waterproof rating (can withstand accidental immersion in one metre of water for up to 30 minutes), so it can record activities like skiing and kayaking without additional protection or fear of damage. An optional dive case is available for deep-sea adventures,
as well as a wide variety of other rugged mounts to secure VIRB to handlebars, helmets, surfboards and more. VIRB easily snaps into the mounts, and the teeth linkages tightly secure VIRB in place to prevent drooping and sagging in high vibration environments. There is even an available industry  standard mounting adapter, making it easy for existing action camera users to get started with VIRB.

Users don’t have to be professional cinematographers to get great footage with VIRB. Video  enhancement features ensure quality footage, even before the editing process begins. The digital image stabilisation technology corrects camera shakiness for smoother footage, and the lens distortion correction feature gives users the option to automatically remove the fish-eye look that is common with action cameras. In addition to high quality video, VIRB can take 16 megapixel stills with photo burst and time lapse options. VIRB can even take stills while recording video. VIRB also has a micro HDMI output for convenient video playback and a microSD slot that can hold up to 64GB card (64GB microSD card can hold over seven hours of 1080p video).

VIRB Elite incorporates all these features, as well as high-sensitivity GPS, accelerometer, altimeter and WiFi. WiFi capabilities allow users to connect to the free mobile applications for iPhone and Android. VIRB Elite comes equipped with specific activity profiles so users can track location, speed, elevation, heart rate (monitor sold separately) and more while recording. This data can be reviewed
right on the device, or can be embedded into their video during the editing process.

Additionally, in Ski Mode, the VIRB Elite is able to recognise the difference between going down the mountain and going up the ski lift. In this setting, VIRB Elite automatically turns on and starts recording when going down the mountain, and then goes into standby mode once on the ski lift. This mode saves battery and memory space, and keeps the user from forgetting to record when going down the mountain. This allows VIRB Elite to record all the action while users focus on their activity.

VIRB allows many current Garmin customers to take advantage of the Garmin ecosystem. In addition to the optional accessory remote (available Q1 2014), the Edge® 810, fēnix™, quatix™, Oregon® 600 series, and many more can control VIRB allowing users to start and stop recording and take stills right on the device through ANT+ wireless communication (for the full list of device compatibility, visit garmin.com/virb).  Also through ANT+, users are able to control several connected VIRB devices. Just move the slider forward to record on the master device, and all the other connected VIRB devices will record as well. VIRB Elite is compatible with other sensors with ANT+ connectivity such as the heart rate monitor, cadence sensor and tempe™ temperature sensor. This data can then be embedded into the video during the editing process, or viewed on the display of VIRB Elite.

To complement VIRB Elite, Garmin is launching a mobile application for preview, playback and remote functionality, along with a free desktop software application to edit and upload VIRB and VIRB Elite videos. With this software, users can easily edit their footage and embed sensor data in the video, then share with family and friends or upload to social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook
and Instagram.

VIRB and VIRB Elite will be widely available for purchase in October 2013. VIRB has a Recommended Retail Price of $349 and VIRB Elite $499. VIRB is the latest solution from Garmin’s outdoor segment, which focuses on developing technologies and innovations to enhance users’ outdoor experiences. Whether it’s golfing, hiking, hunting or geocaching, Garmin outdoor devices are becoming essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.


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