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In-Hull Transducers

In-hull transducers are mounted inside the hull of the boat and the sonar signal transmits directly through the hull. The transducer includes a tank which is mounted to the hull and filled with a small amount of liquid such as non-toxic antifreeze and the transducer is mounted onto the tank. Only vessels with solid fiberglass hulls are suitable for this style of transducer, foam or balsa cored fiberglass and wooden hulls will not work with an in-hull transducer.

These transducers are good for high speed boats and other high performance hulls as being inside the vessel they do not create any drag, and it is protected from fouling or damage from obstacles in the water.

When considering where to install your in-hull transducer you should ensure there is enough under deck access for the install and any future maintenance. It needs to be located where you can ensure the signal is not blocked and where it will always be below the water line.

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