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Our Customers / Projects

Over the nearly 30 years that the Nav Station has been in business, we have dealt with the whole spectrum of the marine industry. While literally thousands of customers have been individual trailer boat, launch and yacht owners requiring our expertise and service we have also dealt with the following clients 


Commercial Fishing Simunovich Fishing
  Sanford Ltd
Superyacht Builders McMullen & Wing, projects include Kesley Lee, Jarriya and Ermis 2
  Diverse Projects - Back Pearl

Salthouse Boatbuilders

  McDell Marine
  Alan Tongs Boatbuilder
  Oliver Royale

Howick Coastguard

  Honda Outboards
  New Zealand Navy


This broad range of customers has enabled us to acquire a wealth of experience that we can call on to satisfy you needs and requirements.


If you are thinking about building a new boat or are refitting your current boat we are more than happy to supply relevant references from past and current customers.


While technology has dramatically changed, our focus remains ensuring customer satisfaction stays at the same high level it was in 1984 when we started.